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The photos show a side of Jobs that few knew: the family man on vacation, at home, on his wedding day, with his father when Jobs was a baby.Complete coverage: Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011 Here on Overtime, we take a look at these Jobs family photos while Steve Kroft tells producer David Rubin about seeing these images and hearing the family stories: "I didn't know anything about the way he lived.Self-reliance is a big theme for her, given how she grew up, in rural New Jersey; given how far she’s come.“I’ve always had this idea that you have to make the most of things,” she says. student, Powell Jobs met her late husband, the innovation icon Steve. Languorous Southern magnolias, sky-aiming tulip trees, as well as the redwoods that Palo Alto is named for (It turns out Powell Jobs knows a lot about trees.With a jet-setting lifestyle like that, we can only imagine the former Hizzonor, now a consultant to various education-tech companies, doesn’t miss the grind of city council meetings.‘Wild’ author Cheryl Strayed will attend the State of the Union Sen.

Powell Jobs’ reduced stake in Disney was reported earlier by the L. Because she now owns less than 5% of Disney’s outstanding shares, Powell Jobs is no longer required to disclose transactions involving Disney shares under SEC rules.She is a mother to Reed, Erin, and Eve, their ages ranging from 24 to seventeen, and she has a stepdaughter, Lisa.“Excuse me one second,” she says, to take a quick call from Eve, who is home from high school, sick with a cold. Powell Jobs prefers not to speak with reporters about her husband, but he comes up, naturally, and they were always big on family meals.And it speaks to the secrecy and the mysterious nature of this persona that Jobs managed to create-- the secrecy both about his business operations and especially the secrecy about his family life, private life." In 1991, Steve Jobs married Laurene Powell, then an investment banker.Jobs spoke about meeting and marrying Laurene with Isaacson, who told us: "They went out off and on for a year.

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College student Reed Jobs decided to study oncology after seeing his father, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, battle cancer.

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