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Please Note: your device may require the latest software update.For further tips and help with installing and loading Garmin SD/micro SD Cards click here.The optional FM TMC receiver lets you avoid traffic delays by telling the c340 to calculate a new route.The Street Pilot c340 comes preprogrammed with detailed City Navigator NT street data of the entire United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico and has almost six million points of interest.Garmin maps for the Garmin Street Pilot c340 car sat nav.

Garmin rates it as a "Beginner's GPS Car Navigator" and in that we agree.IMPORTANT: The latest version of the Garmin City Navigator NT Maps of are NOT compatible with the Garmin Street Pilot c340.This is because the file size of the map data for those particular maps now exceeds the 2GB maximum the c340 can read.This is an image from a tool called Map Install, but your screen will look similar when selecting the "device" to install the maps on.So that is the screen you will be looking for AFTER the SD card is installed in your c340.

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Optional accessories: GA 27C remote GPS Antenna, A/C charger, dash mount, color faceplates (5 pack), carrying case, Map Source software, GTM 10 FM traffic receiver (required for traffic services).

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