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Then, when I started working and our incomes aligned together better, we started splitting things right down the middle. But then I fully supported him financially during the last year of our relationship when he quit his job to go back to school.And here’s where I’m reminded of Young and Thrifty’s post, are financially independent women a turn-on?“A date is usually the first time a couple talks about money, but it shouldn’t be the last,” said Jon Bittner, founder and CEO of Splitwise, an app that keeps track of who’s paying for what, sending you reminder emails about your balance at the end of every month.“Once you are no longer just ‘dating’ but are actually in a relationship, you should find a way to set expectations about money.” It’s a little tedious, but keeping track of all the purchases you make as a couple ­— be it rent, furniture, or plane tickets — will help you have a more specific look at where your money goes, even if you keep your finances separate.“It’s easy to figure out your fixed expenses (student loans, car payments) but it’s much harder to budget for things like food, going out, even just fun purchases.For budgeting, I will take the bank statement for what I think is a regular month and separate all of the expenses into categories such as groceries, transportation expenses, going out and see how much it actually comes to.” Spreadsheet too difficult?Women, you should probably avoid the guy who wants to pay every time and you should probably be the one to break the ice on the fair pay topic at some point. I must confess that I am no expert here, but my recommendation would be the same as it is for hetero dates – either split the bill or if the date is going great, offer to pick up this tab if your date gets the next.Determining how much you/your date/or both of you should spend on a date is a completely separate issue.

I think there’s three solid options, and it’d definitely worth discussing with your significant other once you are committed.It’s not an easy thing to discuss if you’re not or on your first few dates.Obviously all three are going to have a different impact on your finances: I can also tell you this, if you’re a guy reading this, avoid the 44% of women that are bothered by being expected to help and the 34% that are bothered by a man accepting their offer to help (yes, I realize this limits your options, but you’ll thank me down the road).“Spreadsheets are an awesome way to keep track of money, but even just a piece of notebook paper will do!” said Courtlandt Mc Kinlay, an accountant in the Bay Area.

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If someone's eating opposite Amazing Me, shouldn't she or he pay for the privilege?

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