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The trouble is, these couples frequently come into a sexual-minority community with a two-step agenda: (1) Locate Hot Bi Babe. They don't bother making any non-HBB friends among the locals, so there's no one to deliver these suggestions tactfully in a private conversation.

Thus, the unskilled couple, who fondly suppose themselves the answer to a bi/poly girl's dream, get defensive at the barrage of public criticism.

and in my example, we were having it four or five times a day.

I actually discussed this particular nymphomaniac girlfriend, Becky, in the "Great Sex Hides the Truth" section of Fundamental Truth #3 - but I'm going to elaborate here.

You need to know that I adore my friends, my family (especially my nieces and nephews), and my wiry little dog, Marty. I like clubs and going out to eat I like shopping,but don't have to buy, dancing, swimming, biking, dining out, especially at Italian restaurants, scrap booking, meaningful, funny, or romantic movies, plays, walks in the park, swinging on swings, playing catch, talking over Hiya, how are ya? I like to travel, although I don't travel much since I don't have travel buddy, I like to cook mostly grill, and eat lol. Im a creative, passionate redhead that is desiring to find honest quality people to hang with this summer.

It's one reason why so many bisexuals — my ex included ­— feel so excluded from the LGBT movement.

He was a true "50-50" bi guy, a lover of men and women, not an “attention-seeker” or a "halfway-there gay man" or any of the ridiculous and offensive claims people make about bisexuals. This led to his heartache, since he was trying to date me, a gay guy who was not monogamously inclined (and still isn’t), a guy who was too immature to say, “Hey, I’m not really looking for a relationship.” This seems basic, but it's unfortunately still necessary to note in an ongoing effort to counteract this bizarre notion that someone who is attracted to multiple genders will inevitably miss having sex with people of the gender they’re not sleeping with, and cheat. For him, as well as for many others, his claim to bisexuality wasn’t a transitional phase or halfway point between straight and gay.

But even if a bisexual person does cheat, it's hardly evidence that bisexuality inclines a person toward infidelity. But I understand where this misconception comes from.

As I mentioned, I had known Becky as a friend for many years ... She was very pretty, blonde, and had a nice curvy shape to her.

She wasn't fat, but she wasn't skinny either - I think she probably weighed around 130.

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