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This fall we have more queer women characters than ever before with more representation of women of color in pivotal roles and characters that identify as lesbian, bisexual and pansexual.From network to cable to streaming, show runners, writers and producers are finding more ways to be inclusive of LGBTQ women as part of their expansive casts and, in some cases, giving them starring roles.Due to the demands from fans and his unexpected popularity, Harry was made a secondary cast member in series 2 and appeared in the opening credits.

(Fox, Mondays 8/7c) RELATED: Tatiana Maslany of 'Orphan Black' on Show's LGBTQ Storytelling Best friends Jordan and Paige are primarily focused on growing their marijuana delivery service, but when they aren’t working, their relationships (and sexual fantasies) tend to be of the sexually fluid variety.

In another episode, Malin Akerman and Orlando Bloom seek a third party on Tinder and end up spending the night with someone they already know (Kate Micucci).

Funny, sexy and queer-inclusive, "Easy" is perfect for your next Netflix and chill.

Between Robert Sepúlveda Jr.’s dead-eyed stares and the interchangeability of about half the contestants, Had the show addressed Sepúlveda’s escort past, rather than letting the internet run wild with it, or even exploited the possibilities of a house full of horned-up attractive gay men, it would have been far more compelling television.

It still would’ve been trash, but compelling trash.

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  3. He's Norwegian: "He's from Norway -- like Vikings," Tyra told ET in December. He's a photographer: According to his website, Erik relocated to Los Angeles and "was soon hired as photo assistant to celebrated photographer Herb Ritts." The website goes on to say that Erik has created beautiful images for advertising, commercial and editorial purposes. He has children from a previous relationship: Erik has two daughters of his own, to whom Tyra has loved playing stepmom.