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He’s also a really good interview, and he gets high fives for his sexual performance. Here are some highlights from his On if a woman has made him cry When I first got out of college, I met this girl, and I was like, ‘I’m getting married. She was in graduate school at Northwestern – an amazing girl from a well-to-do background.

And, you know, I was me: a poor kid from New Orleans.

But before today, I never realized that he was A) Only 32 years old, B) A true Southern boy from New Orleans and C) A graduate of Julliard.” Every day, I’d come out of my trailer in the tightest shirt, and they’d say, “Where’s your wardrobe, man? I enjoy their movies, respect the kind of films they make, and I thought it would be a good fit for me as well as them.Our friend and official tabloid-scanner Stacie alerted us to this wonderful Anthony Mackie interview in the last issue of Elle Magazine.The 37-year-old actor "Our Brand is Crisis" actor revealed that he and his wife Sheletta Chapital recently welcomed their third child together.While discussing his upcoming movie "The Night Before," the actor "I recently had my third kid, and it just messed up everything that was my reality," he said Friday.

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