Inserting username password to database n validating them in php

I am trying to make a form in html which submits a name and e-mail address to a my SQL database and asks a user if they wish to subscribe or unsubscribe to a mailing list. This is the php script i have to post the data: When I click submit nothing happens at all, it just gives me a blank look. The form validator works and i have removed the DB name and password from the php. I am extremely new to this and it took me ages just to do what you see above. Post the error log results here if you wish, it will likely give you a line number but it is sometimes not the line it gives you. Also any advice on how to delete an entry when the user selects unsubscribe ?!? If it doesn't output that, and doesn't output any mysql errors from the "die" you have (so as you say a blank screen), then I guess it's a straight forward PHP error which halts the entire script. I had a look and couldn't see any syntax issues, but I'm "guessing" that's what it is.It may well be ok, but I have always used affected_rows: Hey again Greg, my you are a helpful chap. Ok firstly nothing is being written to the database.Secondly maybe my poor attempt at humor in the original post was mis-interpreted : "When I click submit nothing happens at all, it just gives me a blank look" What I meant was no new screen opens, when i click submit nothing happens it stays on the same page and does nothing! And i know this sounds a real noob question but where do I find the 'error log'?- Somewhere else in your directory structure (this is less likely and is 99% sure to be in one or both of the above two possibilities) I was going to check your form page, but it gives me a 404! it's doing nothing when you click submit, then my next guess would be the form "ACTION" is not set to do anything.When the form is sent to the processor, you’ll use some simple PHP code to verify the following: In other words, your visitor will have a limited amount of time (specified by you) to fill in the form and send it.And if a spammer tries to post information to your form processor remotely they’re going to hit a big fat roadblock. What I’m going to share with you is a modified concept I read from a very smart fellow named Chris Shiflett.

As I mentioned in a previous tutorial, one common use of contact forms is to help visitors communicate with you without exposing your email address to the email harvesting software used by spammers.

Algorithms are developed by simply thinking about how to come up with a solution for the problem.

From my experiences, I normally sit down with pen and paper and start jotting down everything that comes to mind until I eventually end up with a semi-organized outline that I can convert into an algorithm.

But when it comes to spam, hardly anything’s worse than an insecure contact form.

Imagine getting a nasty note from your web hosting company that your site has been used to send out massive amounts of email about black market erection medication and, oh by the way, your site is offline until you get it fixed – thank you very much.

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