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This book contains all of the information anyone would need to know about the Model 1903 Springfield Rifle and its Variations.Joe Poyer provides a detailed examination of rifle on a part-by-part basis for all variations.During the 1898 war with Spain, the M1893 Mauser used by the Spanish Army gained a deadly reputation, particularly from the Battle of San Juan Hill where 750 Spanish regulars significantly delayed the advance of 15,000 U. troops armed with outclassed Springfield Model 1892–99 Krag–Jørgensen bolt-action rifles and older single-shot Springfield rifles. The United States Army attempted to introduce a higher-velocity cartridge in 1899 for the existing Krags, but its single locking lug on the bolt could not withstand the extra chamber pressure. military's experience with the Mauser rifle in the 1898 Spanish–American War, authorities decided to adopt a stronger Mauser-derived design equipped with a charger- or stripper clip-loaded box magazine. Several hundred 1882 Lee Navy Models (M1882 Remington-Lee) were also subjected to trials by the U. Army during the 1880s, though the rifle was not formally adopted.Though a stripper-clip or charger loading modification to the Krag was designed, it was clear to Army authorities that a new rifle was required. In 1882, the bolt action .45 Remington Lee rifle design of 1879, with its newly invented detachable box magazine, was purchased in limited numbers by the U. The Navy adopted the Model 1885, and later different style Lee Model 1895 (a 6mm straight pull bolt), which saw service in the Boxer Rebellion.Yes, I immediately perceive dating springfield armory model 1903a1 it must be the joint present of Mr.

Unfortunately, according to General Hatcher, the officer in charge of the investigation, "...Every part is documented and matched to the serial number range of its use from 1903 through the Korean War.This book is a valuable resource that covers details of all of the manufacturers, features, markings, and parts, specific to each firearm for each year.This book is a must have for collectors of The Model 1903 Springfield Rifle, military firearms, or military firearms historian.The only thing that could improve this book is its physical size.

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