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Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of K Fisher is prohibited.Any trademarks used are the property of their respective owners. And then I turn to new words that refer to the changing relationship between men and women at this time.As discussed in the book Dewdroppers, Waldos, and Slackers: A decade-by-decade guide to the vanishing vocabulary of the twentieth century (Ostler) there were a number of new terms for women in the 1920s, which reflected the news ways in which they were being viewed by others in society.This site is updated from time to time as new or corrected information is provided.Information provided on this site should not be used for financial gain, if you do this is your liability and the author accepts no liability for any inaccuracies pertaining to the information provided.Some of the most frequent collocates for flappers in COHA are dress, hair, blond, smoking, flat-chested, and chic, all of which make sense.

Her obvious lack of acting ability was immaterial, he decided.

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This mark which differs from B.7 by the omission of the crown was in use between 19. The bottom part only of this mark is found on smaller wares up to the present day and by itself is not a useful indication of date.

Differing from B.7 by the addition of the words MADE IN ENGLAND, this mark was commonly in use after 1932.

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